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Website Design Mini Bootcamp

Website Design Mini Bootcamp

Website Design Mini Bootcamp
Learn How To Design
Accessible, Responsive Websites with HTML5 and CSS3
Led by Dan Pickett Co Founder of Launch Academy Coding Boot Camps

Course Overview

All modern web pages use a common set of languages to present information in a structured and aesthetic way. In this course, you will build your first web page while incorporating the building blocks of the modern web: HTML5 and CSS3. Using these tools, you will convert a set of digital designs into a static webpage. Using what are known as responsive design techniques, you will ensure this static webpage looks great on a mobile phone, tablet, and desktop computer.

Who Should Attend
The Aspiring Web Developer – ​individuals  interested in learning web development as a means to change their career. Learning HTML, CSS, and responsive web design is the foundation towards becoming a professional web developer.

The Curious Team Member ​- individuals are interested in learning web development as a means to become a better practicing professional in their current discipline. For example, marketers, business analysts, graphic designers, copywriters, and executives can all employ practical knowledge of the underlying technologies driving today’s modern web and information systems.

This course is designed for adult learners with little to no programming experience, there are no prerequisites. If you are interested in learning web development or general software engineering, this course provides a foundation.

Led by Dan Pickett, over a period of 3 full days, students will attend lectures, read relevant curriculum, and work collaboratively to construct static web pages.

Location and Dates
The course will take place on campus at TCNJ’s Interactive and Mixed Media Complex in Ewing NJ
May 3 – 5, 2018

Cost: $949.00
TCNJ Alumni:  $900.00

Registration will start January 24, 2018
Register at:  Web Design Mini Boot Camp

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