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Essential Soft Skills Workshops

Complex and diverse, today’s work environment demands all employees have the forethought to anticipate and pivot towards changing opportunity. Your skill sets have to be continually updated and enhanced to create value for your employer  and position yourself for the next step in your career. Please explore our current 1 day workshop offerings to find one that meets your current and future essential soft skills development.


  • 1 day intensive from 9:30am – 4:30pm
  • TCNJ believes class size impacts your educational experience. We limit this class to 10 participants to ensure a quality experience for our students.
  • $375.00 per person or $350.00 for TCNJ Alumni
  • Corporate/Group rates at four or more people
  • Includes: Course Materials; Post Workshop Assistance; Certificate of Completion; Light Refreshments and Parking

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Project Management Essentials

The essentials workshop is an activity-based program that gives you the opportunity to learn critical project-management skills through exercises, group discussion and application to a project. Attend Project Management Essentials to learn BOTH the technical and behavioral aspects of project management. You will learn how to plan for and execute the project plan AND how to select and manage the people chosen to be on the project team.

Why Learn Project Management Essentials?

In today’s business world, projects are undertaken every day as part of the ongoing organizational strategy and they often compete for the same company resources. Not surprisingly, many of these projects fail to deliver their stated and agreed-upon outcomes. The common causes of project failure are diverse and run the gamut from poorly defined project scope to project managers who lack experience and training. The ultimate cost of project failure can be significant, both financially and in the strain on corporate resources. This program provides the skills and knowledge to increase the likelihood that project deliverables can be achieved, on-time and within budget, while maintaining the integrity of the project team.

Why TCNJ Project Management Essentials?

This program covers both the technical aspects (how you plan for and execute the project plan), as well as the behavioral aspects (how you select and manage the people) of project management. Jeff has 30 years’ experience in business and over 20 years of project management expertise and success. Jeff specializes in developing and delivering solutions that achieve business goals by utilizing project management best practices.

Who should attend?

This program is equally applicable to project managers (who lead projects) and project team members (who work for and support project managers). It is also recommended for those who are project stakeholders such as project sponsors, project steering committee members and project coordinators.

What will I learn?

  • Understand and apply Project Management terms and concepts
  • Understand the four distinct phases of a Project, the components of each, and why each is critical to the project’s success
  • Understand how you initiate and manage the Project Plan and the Project Team
  • Be able to immediately apply these principles to a specific Project you may be involved with at work

Next Workshop:
Thursday December 12, 2019

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Project Management Essentials

The Art and Science of Sound Decision Making

The Art & Science of Sound Decision Making is an activity-based one day program that provides the learner with foundation decision making strategies and practical tools that improve outcomes. The program is based primarily on the book Decisive – How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work by Chip & Dan Heath, and solidifies the concepts through various exercises.  Participants leave the program with a Plan of Action for addressing a critical business decision that they are facing at work.

Next Workshop:
Friday November 8, 2019

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TCNJ Art and Science of Decision Making

Influence Skills

The need to become an effective influencer is of critical importance.  In fact, influencing skills are necessary for all professions, whether a person is an educator, manager, a salesperson or holds some other position.   It plays an important role in your ability to perform your job and the ability to interact effectively with your colleagues, as well as your friends and acquaintances.   Those who lack this skill are at a competitive disadvantage and are less likely to succeed in their career and in life.

Course Summary

Influencing Skills 101 is an activity-based one day program that provides the learner with the foundation  principles of influence and an understanding of the nature and impact of influence.  The learner will receive insight into the Bases of Power that provide the ability to influence others and become aware of tactics and techniques that can be utilized to achieve more successful outcomes, especially in difficult or conflict situations.

This program is equally applicable to entry-level employees as well as those who exert influence by virtue of their senior position in the organization. Program participants leave the course with the ability to immediately apply what they learned (including tactics and techniques) to improve their ability to influence others.

Upon completion of this course, each participant should:

  • Have a deeper understanding of the nature of impact and influence, especially their use in difficult or conflict situation
  • Be more aware of what tactics and actions could lead to more successful outcomes
  • Have started to apply these ideas to a specific situation currently being faced at work
  • Have created an action plan to successfully address the situation being faced at work

Next Workshop:
Friday October 11, 2019

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Influence Skills

All workshops are presented by:
Jeffrey Leventry Principal, Seventeen Gorman Advisors
Talent Management – Leadership & Management Development – Organizational Development
Adjunct Faculty – The College of New Jersey, School of Business
Former Senior Vice President & Director of Learning & Development for international global reinsurance broker
Certified as an instructor of “Negotiation Techniques” by The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School