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English Language Arts – Teaching Poetry Without Fear

English Language Arts – Teaching Poetry Without Fear

The TCNJ Summer Institute for ELA Educators – The Power of Story

In Minds Made for Stories, author and educator Tom Newkirk argues that narrative is “the deep structure of all good writing” (19).  Although many K-12 standards, including the NJ ELA standards and the CCSS, distinguish between narrative and informational text as well as narrative, informational, and argumentative writing, Newkirk troubles these categories, asserting they are not as clear cut as they might seem.  We instinctively use story “to inform, to persuade, to entertain, to express” (6); we use story to make sense of the world and our own place in it.  Narrative is “a property of mind, an innate and indispensable form of understanding” (34). This summer’s institute will explore the power of story in the texts we read, write, and teach.

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