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TCNJ Interactive Multimedia – Mini courses

Digital and interactive technology is transforming how we work, how we communicate, how we express ourselves and how we experience the world around us. The Department of Interactive Multimedia provides unique and innovative mini courses designed to enhance your career opportunities and personal growth. Mini courses are taught by TCNJ adjunct faculty working in the field and with a passion to teach. Learn with working adults and TCNJ undergraduates.

Details for all mini courses:
Start Week of August 28, 2017( except where noted)
Location TCNJ – Art and Interactive Multimedia building.
Available to TCNJ undergraduates and the general public(non credit)
Limited to 12 students – Minimum age is 18
Meets once per week for approximately 3 hours. Total class time approximately 12 hours

Fee: $350.00. plus convenience fee if paid by credit card  – Registration and Payment through

Fundamentals of Digital Compositing –  Tuesday 5:30pm – 8:20pm Aug 29, Sept 12, Sept 19, Sept 26

In this course you will learn digital compositing, which is the art and science of combining computer generated elements with live-action video footage. This is an essential and critical part of contemporary filmmaking, it’s what brought Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit to life and is the driving force behind Bruce Banner’s transformation into The Hulk. Throughout this course we will cover topics like cinematography, 3D render settings, rotoscoping, 3D tracking, color correction/grading, and basic video/audio editing.
Required: Laptop, may require additional software (i.e. Adobe Cloud). Previous experience with video editing.

Register: FDC Fall 2017

Data visualization through 3D printing – Mondays –  5:30pm – 8:20pm, Sept 5 (Tuesday)*, Sept 11, Sept 18, Sept 25
This course will explore how to make numerical data into something more meaningful through the use of data visualization software, and then taking it to a modeling software to create a physical representation of that model in the real world. The technologies used to create the data visualizations will be mainly focused around the 3-D printer along with some other tools. The topics that will be covered are, how and where to collect data, processing the data into a data visualizer, representing that data with a 3D model.
Requirements: Laptop preferred

Register: DV3D Fall 2017

Fun With SMS – Mondays 11am-1:50pm Sept 5 (Tuesday)*, Sept 11, Sept 18, Sept 25
Learn how to make programs that send and receive text messages! Along the way, we’ll be working hands on with Node, password-less user authentication, virtual servers, and cron job scheduling.

Register: FSMS Fall 2017

Launch Your Own Etsy Shop: Wednesdays –  5:30pm – 8:20pm Aug 30, Sept 6, Sept 13, Sept 20
Etsy is a well-established website for selling handcrafted items. It uses a unique platform that enables motivated entrepreneurs to develop their own shop. This interactive course will provide step-by-step guidance in starting and growing a successful online business. By the end of this course participants will be able to: navigate the Etsy seller interface, design an original and attractive shop, apply effective pricing and packaging strategies, keep a loyal customer base, and more. This is a great way to combine your love of crafting with earning money.

Register: LYOE Fall 2017

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